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Joint-stock company ‘Garsdalo medienos technologija’ was established in 1998 and had only 2 employees when it started its business. Since the very beginning, one of our main business principles has been offering our clients the best up-to-date solutions in the field of wood processing.

You can find wood-processing machinery sold and maintained by JSC ‘Garsdalo medienos technologija’ anywhere in Lithuania, where wood is processed in a professional manner.

The company takes care of both large and small furniture manufacturing and woodworking company servicing (machinery and tools selection and installation, training and technical services). Today, JSC ‘Garsdalo medienos technologija’ is a stable and well-structured enterprise where works 42 employees.

The nearest our company's business development strategy is rendering technical services, consultation and training for clients and increasing renown of its name.

The main objective of the business development project, the implementation of which has already started, is to create and present to the market of wood-processing industry wider possibilities to get acquainted with modern production technologies and gain the knowledge required for their application.

With the technical capabilities to deliver technology and training, JSC ‘Garsdalo medienos technologija’ is able to offer a comprehensive technical solution to the market - from analysis of company’s demands and employees training to supply, installation, service and maintaining of technologies.

Since the beginning we always participate in the furniture and wood technology BMT exhibition in Vilnius and visiting international exhibitions in Europe to master the wood and furniture manufacturing technology innovations.

In year 2005, the acquisition of HSS ir HM knives and circular saw sharpening equipment, allowed us to supply tool's sharpening service. The following year, several millions of Euro has been invested into our tools sharpening departments.

In year 2008 we decided to start sharpening of PCD tool, investment in new German grinding and measurements machines was done. Operators were sent on training by our machine and tool suppliers, the result was a good start with high quality performance from the beginning, more investment followed in machines in order to supply the increasing demands in the Baltic states.

In year 2010 we started a production of custom made PCD saw blades, purchased several new peculiar German machines; know-how was implemented into our factory from leading international companies. The same year the first PCD blades were successfully exported to Scandinavia.

In April of 2012, we invested in the newest PCD sharpening technology from Vollmer and Gerling Automation. Now, we are able to produce, sharpen and repair all known PCD tools for the wood working and metal industry. Today, PCD tool's production and sharpening are done by our 6 erosion machines, which are working in 2 shifts. 

Since 27 April of 2015 we are a part of international company Kyocea Unimerso A/S.

On December of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015  JSC "Garsdalo medienos technologija" became the STRONGEST company in Lithuania.